Queen Creek Unified School District Human Resource Department is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly skilled employees. We are committed to providing impeccable customer service, fostering a progressive and innovative environment and offering the best employment experience possible.

Welcome to our employee resource center.  In this area you will find important information regarding links to key resources and valuable information about your employment. Please know we are here to serve you. If you do not see what you are looking for on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

QCUSD Human Resource Department Contact Information

Dr. Patty Rogers

Dr. Patty Rogers

Director of Human Resources


(480) 987.7489


Dana Sloan

HR Administrative Assistant


(480) 987.7489

  • Talent Ed/Online Applications
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Postings
Irene Gray

Irene Gray

HR Manager

(480) 987.5934

  • Certified / Classified Hiring
  • District, EHS, FRC, GPA, IT, PAC, SVE
Desiree Aguilar   Desiree Aguilar

HR Specialist

(480) 987.7473

  • Certified / Classified Hiring
    • Comm Ed., DME, FMSE, FBPE, JBE, KMBE, Maint, NBMS, QCE, QCMS, QCHS, Sped, Trans
Heather Kiehl

Heather Kiehl
HR Analyst
(480) 987.5911

  • Recruitment and Retention Projects
  • Training Support
  • Audits
  • Evaluations Support
Donna Waters

Donna Waters
Substitute Specialist
(480) 987.5911

  • Frontline Absence Management
  • Badge Replacement
  • Fingerprints
  • Substitute Hiring
 Lindsey Ackerman

Lindsey Ackerman

Benefits Specialist


(480) 987.5933

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical
  • Delta Dental
  • Vision VSP
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • FMLA
  • Worker's Comp


Cynthia Skoro

Cindy Skoro

District Receptionist/HR Assistant

(480) 987.5935

  • Certificate Renewal
  • IVP Renewal
  • Employee Official Transcripts
  • Employment Verification